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Japanese Knotweed Specialists - Control and Eradication

If you need Japanese Knotweed, and other invasive weeds control, we provide expert solutions across the UK.

We have been specialists in controlling invasive weeds and general vegetation for more than a decade. 

We work in many locations across the UK, providing a insurance backed guarantee (IBG) for periods of up to 10 years upon completion of the works.

We are your first choice for the control, removal and eradication of general vegetation and invasive species' such as Japanese Knotweed. Call today to discuss your requirements.

UK's Premium Japanese Knotweed Specialists

If you are looking for Japanese Knotweed removal in the UK, contact our experts today. We can safely clear and dispose of most invasive species from japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, himalayan balsam, poisonous hemlock and bamboo.

We can also carry out general vegetation clearances too. Please get in touch using either the contact form or phone number below to discuss your requirements. We work throughout the UK such as areas including the following:

  • Essex
  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh
  • Leicester
  • Coventry
  • Bradford
  • Cardiff
  • Belfast
  • Nottingham
  • Hull
  • Newcastle
  • Stoke
  • Southampton
  • Derby
  • Portsmouth
  • Brighton
  • Plymouth
  • Northampton
  • Reading

Please Note: If your location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with us as we maybe able to cover your local area.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Company

General vegetation clearance - Essex, London, UK Wide

General Vegetation Clearances

If you need to clear any general vegetation from your property, Kingsfield Environmental, based in Essex & London, can help you with that.

While clearing general vegetation, we also offer a herbicide spray maintenance program to ensure that the weed will not re-grow.

Invasive weed control - Essex, London, UK Wide

Invasive Weed Control Works

Invasive weeds refer to non-native species that spread quickly; If they are not controlled they can damage property or cause injuries to people or animals.

If you are experiencing any problems with an invasive species on your property, Kingsfield Environmental can help.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists - Essex, London, UK Wide

Japanese Knotweed Treatment

When controlling Japanese Knotweed, we offer mechanical solutions or rely on spray control programs depending on several factors.

Regardless of the method that we will use, we offer insurance backed guarantee (IBG) for up to 10 years.

Japanese Knotweed Expert Solutions

Muck Removal - - Japanese Knotweed Solutions - Essex, London, UK Wide

Muck Removal

We can help you remove waste from your site regardless of your location. 

It is essential to understand that the Environmental Agency regulates all disposal sites in the country, you can have peace of mind knowing that your waste is disposed of properly.

Root barrier - Japanese Knotweed Solutions

Root Barrier

To prevent horizontal growth of Japanese Knotweed and other vegetation - root barriers are ideal.

If roots invade your property, we can provide standard root barriers to companies or the public to help resolve the problem. 

Soil Testing - Japanese Knotweed Expert Solutions

Soil Testing

We can handle all your soil testing procedures to ensure that your waste is being disposed of properly. 

We can arrange samples for collection and analyse the results; you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.

We are members of the Property Care Association

PCA is a trade association that represents specialist who can be trusted to resolve problems related to buildings in the UK. We are recognised by the PCA as Japanese Knotweed control experts.

When becoming a member of PCA, the company is required to meet strict membership requirements that involve showing technical competence and service delivery; our specialists can investigate and resolve problems related to invasive weeds especially Japanese Knotweed, prices vary depending on your location in the UK as well as the infestation size.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment Specialist

Are you looking for Japanese Knotweed Specialists near you? Our Japanese Knotweed removal company offer a UK wide service. 

We are your first choice for the control, removal and eradication of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed. Call to discuss your requirements.