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Invasive Weed Control

Are you looking for Invasive Weed Control in the UK? If you require Japanese Knotweed or invasive weed control in the UK, we can help. Japanese Knotweed is one of the most intrusive non-native weeds that have caused huge loses when they invade gardens or buildings. Act fast to eradicate these invasive plants.

What are the non-native weeds?

These weeds are found outside their natural habitat because man has introduced them directly or indirectly. If these plants persist in unmanaged or natural habitats for some time, they are considered as 'naturalised'.

This means that the plants have adapted to the prevailing conditions and can thrive in the ecosystem. In most cases, naturalised plant species are not a problem because the ecosystem can accommodate them. However, if these species spread and out-compete native species, they start becoming a threat and eventually cause environmental/economic damage.  

Some of the factors that cause animal species to become invasive although they are naturalised include:

  • They lack natural control mechanisms, e.g. predators - if a predator cannot control a plant or an animal using natural means, it is tough to control the growth of the invasive species.
  • A rapid rate of reproduction, this is mostly vegetative or the use of seeds.
  • It is suppressing other species, e.g. allelopathy. If a plant species are allelopathic, it suppresses the growth of other plants nearby thus dominating the area or locality.

There are numerous invasive and noxious weeds in the UK and Ireland. If these weeds are identified, there are a number of methods that can be utilised to manage them. However, it is important to consider the choice of chemicals to be used, the application method and timing, as they can determine if the process of eradication will be effective. We have been eradicating different types of weeds using different approaches and we can guarantee positive results. 

Some of the methods we have been using over the years include:

Excavation and off-site disposal

Excavation and full cell encapsulation

Herbicide treatment (stem injection or foliar application)

Excavation and partial cell burial

Screening of contaminated soils

Excavation and onsite relocation followed by herbicide treatment