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Vegetation Clearing

Clearing vegetation is not an easy task especially if you don't have the right equipment and skills. Kingsfield Environmental has been clearing all types of vegetation for years in construction sites, regeneration works and even in buildings that are in construction. 

Shrub and Undergrowth Removal

If you have an area that's dense with vegetation and you are looking to develop it, we can help you clear the unmanageable and overgrown vegetation. We can help you clear your land regardless of your job size. 

We can clear both residential and commercial areas provided we have agreed on a price and the method of clearing vegetation. Bush cutting/clearing vegetation is a process that involves clearing scrubs and overgrown sites of bramble. 

How can we clear vegetation?

Clearing vegetation can be done in a number of ways depending on the type of vegetation, level of growth.

 We can clear sites of shrubs, remove stumps, prune trees, and clear undergrowth vegetation.

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring us to help you deal with invasive weeds especially Japanese Knotweed, these include:

High level of professionalism

We have been offering invasive weed eradication services for more than ten years. Therefore, we know what you are looking for and how to handle different types of invasive weeds.

Affordable costs

We understand that invasive weeds can be a problem in your garden or property, which is why we have come up with cost-effective treatments depending on your location, species of weed and invasion level. 

Guaranteed services

We trust that we can offer reliable services, we assess the type of weed invading your property and then determine the right method of control. 

Accessibility and availability

We offer our eradication services throughout the UK and Ireland and are available 7 days a week. Please contact us with your location and other information that we may need and we will advise you on the way forward.

Experience levels

Eradicating invasive weeds for more than ten years offers our specialists enough experience to deal with a wide range of invasive weeds.If you require vegetation clearing contact our experts today.